Therapy Dogs Are Spending Time At The Hospital Comforting Victims Of The Las Vegas Shooting


After the deadly shooting in Las Vegas, many are still recovering in nearby hospitals from not only physical wounds, but emotional and mental trauma that can’t easily be remedied.

A group of 19 therapy dogs hailing from seven different states went to visit the victims at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas so they could help comfort the victims the best way they know how: With lots of love and snuggles.

The president of LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs, Tim Hetzner, told Buzzfeed News that the dogs are all golden retrievers who are “lovers by nature.” He said when people are around the dogs, they are able to process better.

“People relax, their heart rate goes down, and through that process they start talking about what’s happened, and talking about what’s happened is a critical part of healing.”

Lois, one of the comfort dogs, spent time with Michael Caster, who was shot at the concert.