Local News Reporter Loves That People Are Sharing Shots Of ‘Water’ With Each Other In Houston


The devastation left by Hurricane Harvey has brought out some of the best in Americans. It has proven our resolve and determination to care for those in need. But local news is gonna local news. A clip of victims being rescued in high water went viral after a reporter pointed out a sweet moment. She thought people were sharing water with one another out of the cap of a bottle. But as anyone over 21 would know, they weren’t sharing water in that shot glass.

“Look at them sharing water just out of the cap of that bottle,” she said, as the men poured and took shots from a vodka bottle. “It’s fantastic.”

“Yeah … yeah, I’m not sure that that was water,” her fellow anchor replied while others laughed in the background.

Sharing is caring and I’m sure those fellas needed something to stay warm. So, from where I’m sitting, it’s still pretty fantastic.