Maddie & Tae Share Their Ups and Downs of The Past Year Including Maddie’s Bout With Depression

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Looking ahead to 2017 was a happy time for young duo Maddie & Tae, best known for their hit single “Girl in a Country Song.” The ladies were optimistically looking forward to all that they could accomplish in the new year while being pushed out of their comfort zones.

But when their record label, Dot Records, closed it’s doors that year, it left the girls facing uncertain times. In a 10-minute video, Maddie and Tae really open up with their fans taking them through their past year, both the highs and the lows, including the birth of Taylor’s niece, and the depression that Maddie suffered after losing their deal.

“2017 was not the easiest year for us. Check out our new video to hear all about why we didn’t release music last year, when we finally are releasing music, our biggest hurdles and best lessons learned in 2017,” they wrote on Instagram.

While Tae became emotional sharing her feelings on becoming an aunt and watching her brother become a dad, Maddie shared her truth about going through depression.

“If I’m being honest, I went through a really, pretty tough depression after the label thing happened —I kind of always was the person that had a plan, had it figured out, and I’d never kind of been like dropped on my ass before,” Maddie said. “That was really hard and my self worth was tied into it, my purpose, everything. I truly look in the mirror and love who I am today because of the pain that I had to go through to get here. So God always has a purpose. I’m not going to allow my trials to defeat me, I’m going to let them build me up and learn from them and take as much wisdom as I can from each trial.”

The girls are now looking forward to 2018 and urge fans to share their goals with them by making vision boards and sharing them with Maddie & Tae on twitter @MaddieandTae. One Country caught up with Maddie & Tae at the BMI Awards in November and they were so excited about sharing their new music and all they have going on in the new year.

“Here’s the scoop. We are cutting the first part of the album in two weeks from today (that was in November). And we’ve got a jean line with Macy’s called Black Daisy, so that’s been fun. We’re just zip zippin’ everywhere,” Maddie said.

We’re gonna focus on the record and it’s going to be awesome,” Tae adds. “With the direction of the songs, we’re 22 right now, we’re really owning the fact that we’re coming to be women and we still really don’t know anything. We don’t care, we want to own it and we want to write about it. Hopefully help people if they are going through the same thing.”

“It’s kind of a concept record,” Maddie reveals. “I’ll just say that the chick that this whole perspective is from is really self-aware finally and everything she’s going through, she just owns it. “

Sounds like Maddie & Tae will take 2018 by the tail.