7 Items In Your Makeup Bag That You Should Definitely Get Rid Of

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I don’t know about you, but my makeup bag is usually packed the brim with products old and new. I try to get rid of items once they reach the end of their lifespan, but sometimes they can get pushed down to the bottom of the bag and I forget they’re even there.

To declutter and simplify your beauty routine, here are 7 things you should remove from your makeup bag ASAP:

1. Dirty makeup sponges

This is one I’m extremely guilty of! Get rid of your old, stained or over-used makeup sponges and beauty blenders. You should wash your makeup sponges after each use, but once they hit that point of no return, it’s time to toss them out and start fresh.

2. Used makeup blotters or Q-Tips

I use Q-tips all the time when I’m doing my makeup to fix any eyeliner mistakes or get mascara out from under my eyes. After I’m done with said Q-tips, I usually just toss them into the bag without a second thought. Dump out your makeup bag and get rid of all used tissues, Q-tips, paper towels or blotting sheets that have buried themselves in the bottom of your bag.

3. Uncovered eyeliner

Okay, this is a big one. I know those stupid tiny lids are so easy to keep track of, and once you lose it it’s gone forever. But if your eyeliner pencil loses its cap, it’s important to go ahead and throw it away and get a new one, or find a way to cover it back up. Your eyes are sensitive and susceptible to infections, so keeping anything going near you eyes sanitary and germ-free is crucial.

4. Expired moisturizers

This is one I would never think to check, but it’s important in making sure you’re actually protecting your skin every day. Check your lotions and sunscreens and toss out any with expired dates.

5. Dried-Up Mascara

Let’s face it– it’s time to part ways with that 3-year-old tube of dried mascara. You’re not going to use the wand for anything else like you told yourself you would. Save yourself some space and toss out any old mascaras, and be sure to seal your current tube up tight after each use!

6. Old foundation or concealer

If your foundation is old, runny, or doesn’t match the color of your actual skin tone, toss it. For reference, most cream and liquid foundations last about 12-18 months.

7. Broken eyeshadow or blush

Let’s be honest with each other here– you’re not going to fix the broken powders and shadows. Save yourself the trouble of trying to carefully continue to use the palette without spilling it all over yourself and get a new one.