4 Times Milo Ventimiglia Was Not Jack Pearson on “Gilmore Girls”

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I guess, maybe, as a fan of “Gilmore Girls,” I’m supposed to make a decision on which man– Jess, Dean or Logan– was best for Rory Gilmore. Personally, I found Rory to be pretty terrible most of the time, so I didn’t have a strong opinion on any of the guys– minus Dean. He’s the worst.

However, after getting to know Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson on “This Is Us,” it is interesting to look back on his brief time as Jess on “Gilmore Girls,” because he’s nothing like Jack. At all. Actually, rewatching some of these clips kind of makes me feel annoyed at Jack. Jess is someone who would be leading the charge to throw away any and every Crock-Pot ever and he’d probably be friends with teenage Kevin, because teenage Kevin is the worst.

Here’s hoping Alexis Bledel doesn’t show up on “This Is Us” anytime soon. Or in a flashback to Jack’s past. I will have to quit watching the show.

4 Times Milo Ventimiglia Was Not Jack Pearson on “Gilmore Girls”:

1. The time he yelled at Luke after he was accused of stealing from the local grocery store. He also told his uncle to “stop” everything before his uncle pushed him into a pond.

Jack would not approve of this.



2. The time he was treating a girl like dirt. Rebecca wouldn’t stand for this.


3. The time he fought in an alley with Dean. Actually, Jack might do this.


4. The time Jess told Rory to get her shit together.