We’ve All Been Playing With Slinkies Completely Wrong And The Internet Is Mind Blown


I don’t know about you, but as a ‘90s kid, I can remember spending hours trying to get my slinky to go down the staircase with just one push, but that was about the extent of my “slinky skills.” In fact, when I wasn’t trying to push it down the stairs, I was getting it tangled up into a giant mess, stretching it out so it was no longer usable, or just sitting there making it go back and forth between my two palms.

But this slinky seller in China is blowing minds with his slinky playing skills. Actually, “playing” isn’t even the right word– he’s OWNING the slinky. The video appeared on Twitter this week, and ever since I saw it, I feel like my entire childhood was wasted on mediocre slinky playing.

In the video, we see the man first trying to help a young girl get the right grip on her slinky as he stands at a table filled with stacks of rainbow slinkies. Then, he proceeds to blow the minds of everyone ever by doing what can only be described as sorcery with a simple, plastic, rainbow slinky.