Photographer Is Broke After PETA Sues Him On Behalf Of A Monkey


PETA, the organization known for reasonable and calm actions did something both rational and logical. Just kidding, they are still their normal, bonkers’ selves suing a photographer on behalf of a monkey for the rights to a photograph. The lawsuit has left the photographer bankrupt. The worst part is, they may not even be representing the right monkey.

David Slater is a wildlife photographer who gave the world this beautiful selfie snapped by a black crested macaque on one of his cameras.

PETA believes the monkey is the rightful owner of the viral image because it was created through “purposeful and voluntary actions … unaided by Slater, resulting in original works of authorship.”

Slater’s response? “He is a monkey.”

The case is being heard by the 9th Circuit court, one of the most liberal courts in the United States. The case would set a precedent for animal authorship and could potential lead to a requirement for an animal’s consent to be photographed.

But PETA doesn’t even have the right primate.

“I know for a fact [the monkey in the photograph] is a female,” Slater said. “I’m bewildered at the American court system. Surely it matters that the right monkey is suing me.”

Why would a court even hear this case!? IT’S A MONKEY. THE HUMAN IS BROKE BECAUSE OF THE LAWSUIT. Also, PETA will receive the money for the lawsuit and plans to use it to protect the monkey’s Indonesian habitat.

Ladies and Gentlemen: PETA.