People Got A Sneak Peek Of The $500 Million Museum Of The Bible And The Pictures Are Breathtaking


Just two blocks away from the National Mall sits the Museum of the Bible, a $500 million building highlighting the history and effect of the Bible. While the museum features ancient settings meant to put the viewer into the context of the Scriptures, the exhibits highlight the impact of the Bible on American history. The exhibits will not officially open until Saturday, November 18, but a sneak peek of the building has got got the internet buzzing.

The Museum of the Bible is the largest privately funded museum in Washington DC, primarily funded by the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby. Their goal is to get people to engage with the Bible while learning about it’s history, production, and impact.

The museum was devised and constructed by evangelical Christians, though they have said that they do not want their personal beliefs to distract or guide the exhibits. As a result, the museum presents eleven different Biblical traditions