Ned LeDoux Shares the Story Behind “The Hawk”—Written For His Late Father, Chris LeDoux

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Following in the footsteps of his late country singer dad, Chris LeDoux, Ned LeDoux is releasing his debut full-length album, Sagebrush, on Nov. 3.

Sagebrush, produced by Mac McAnally, is the follow-up to the young singers debut EP Forever A Cowboy released last year, and features several songs that include his late father as a co-writer.

Ned’s mom, Peggy, shared with her son what seemed to be song ideas his Dad had written down years ago. The true intention of what Ned prefers to call his Dad’s thoughts, will never be known. However, the Wyoming native took those thoughts and, with McAnally, wrote four songs that appear on Sagebrush, including “Never Change,” “Cowboy Life,” “Forever A Cowboy” and “We Ain’t Got It All. “

Ned wrote or co-wrote eight of the 12 songs on the album, including a solo effort for his dad called “The Hawk.” Prior to Chris’ passing, the “Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy” singer shared with his family that when he died, he would want to come back as a Hawk. Following Chris’ death, Ned’s mom discovered a hawk, that had not been their before, flying around their ranch all the time.

In an exclusive video for One Country, Ned shares the inspirational story behind this special song.

“On our ranch in Wyoming, you don’t see hawks around that often. But 12 1/2 years ago since my dad passed away, this one hawk showed up,” Ned tells One Country. “The first time we saw it, my mom was out for a walk. Shortly after dad passed on, she noticed this Hawk had followed her all the way down to the cattle guard. She went to the barn and she came back out and up in the tree, that hawk was waiting for her. She continued her walk back on to the house and the hawk tracked her the whole way back and kind of perched itself up on this branch, almost like it was keeping an eye on her and just watching out for her.”

And if I’m feeling down / And I need my father’s advice / Well, I know just where to find him / He flies along those western skies,” Ned croons in the song.

Sagebrush carries on the traditions, music and cowboy way of life passed down to him by his Mom and Dad, Peggy and Chris LeDoux.

Track Listing

1) “Never Change” – (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
2) “Cowboy Life” – (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
3) “We Ain’t Got It All” – (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
4) “Some People Do” – (Ned LeDoux, Will LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
5) “Brother Highway” – (Ned LeDoux, Mark Sissel)
6) “Better Part of Living” – (Mac McAnally)
7) “Forever a Cowboy” – (Ned LeDoux, Chris LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
8) “By My Side” – (Ned LeDoux, Mac McAnally)
9) “Another Horse To Ride” – (Larry Bastian and Vince Pasion)
10) “Johnson County War” – (Chris LeDoux)
11) “The Hawk” – (Ned LeDoux)
12) “This Cowboy’s Hat” (Feat. Chase Rice) – (Jake Brooks)