Nick Offerman Goes Undercover To Rate Ron Swanson Tattoos And Fix His Wikipedia


Nick Offerman is no friend of the Internet. He’s no enemy either. It’s just, well, he doesn’t care. He claims to be “bad at opening laptops” which, if you want to use a computer, is not even step number one. So what would happen if Mr. Offerman created Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, YouTube, and Reddit accounts and responded to people’s Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman questions?

Offerman is a straight shooter, so he mostly tells people what they know to be true but don’t want to hear. He gave a man with a full mustache a 3…out of 100. He told someone with a Ron Swanson tattoo to buy a long sleeve t-shirt. To be fair, the tattoo is very un-Swanson. Even so, the savagery is both real and unrelenting.

And how would Offerman describe himself in 4 words?

Very well.