Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock Had a Random “Practical Magic” Reunion Before the Oscars and People Loved It


Twenty years ago, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock were the toast of Hollywood and practically BFFs as they played sisters Sally and Gillian Owens in “Practical Magic.”

As Sandra was finishing up her red carpet interview before heading into the Oscars, Nicole wandered over and then, magic happened. When Sandra realized what was happening she started mumbling under her breath and then of course, said, “oh, it’s so good to see you!”

From there, Nicole discussed how it’s ben a good year for women and said she was excited to see Sandra’s upcoming “Ocean’s 8.” And then, the real magic happened. There was a story about tequila and being a little drunk. Nicole also said she showed “Practical Magic” to her daughters and they were a little young for it.

We know Reese Witherspoon and Nicole are super BFFs right now, but we could use some more Sandra up in here, too.



And they’re right– they did make great sisters.