NPR Complied The Ultimate List Of Over 350 Dad Jokes, Children Across The World Respond, “Ugh, DAAAAD!”


The perfect Dad joke is not meant to be funny. Laughter is a happy but unnecessary byproduct. While they are clever combination of word play and situational comedy all rolled into a teachable moment, a Father has not delivered a good “Dad Joke” until everyone in the room groans and rolls their eyes. It is the highest form of parental comedy, an art form handed down from ages past. The best thing about Dad comedians is that they are not precious about their material: when a man crafts a good joke, he shares it with the world! Now, thanks to NPR, you can find over 350 unique and pure puns guaranteed to annoy your kids and make your wife say, “Seriously, stop!”

The thread began under an ode to Dad Jokes on NPR’s website, highlighting Presidential Dad humor. Over the past eight years, President Obama made a habit of filling his turkey pardon with puns. He had some real zingers.

The person who runs NPR’s Twitter account must have been inspired, because they went on a tirade, tweeting a few hundred jokes throughout Father’s Day.

Somebody get this guy some butter; he’s on a roll!

Y’all better look out; I’m not even a father yet. Every one of those jokes deserves to be tried on your family. They won’t thank you, but, man, you will laugh like you never had before!

But seriously folks, Dad Jokes can be dangerous. Be careful out there.