Pinterest Beauty Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


We’ve all been tempted at one point or another to try one of those super cool hair and makeup ideas on Pinterest. Well, much like Pinterest food and craft ideas, there are a lot more fails than successes! But we hope people don’t stop trying because it gives us something to laugh about!

1. The 3-Step Updo

Sounds simple enough, right?

2. Charcoal Teeth-Whitener Not really sure why anyone thinks this would be a good idea anyway.

Source: Pintester

3. Swirl Nails

Aren’t these pretty? Well. not so much.

4. Gorgeous Side-French Braid

Almost, but not close.

Source: 9gag

5. Kool-Aid Lipstick Stain


Source: Pintester

6. Patriotic Nails

God bless Ameri….ohhhh…

7. Sprinkle Coated Lips

We are assuming this is for Instagram purposes only? We hope. We really, really hope.

Source: PandaWhale

8. Comic Book Character Makeup

What a great idea! Until you actually try it. Maybe she shouldn’t have drank those beers before she tried.

Source: Pinterest

9. Straighten Hair with Milk

Sounds like a plan. Except not. Just drink it – it’s never been touted as a hair straightener anyway.

10. Beautiful Forest Setting Mani

Uh, close?

Source: Ilykefunny

11. Holiday Nails

Something just isn’t quite right with these nails.

Photo Credit: Nail Polish Wars