They Did It! Ray And Wilma Visited All 645 Cracker Barrel Restaurants In The USA

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Ray and Wilma Yoder set out forty years ago to visit every single Cracker Barrel in the country. That is no small goal. Cracker Barrel boasts 645 locations across the nation spread from Florida to Anchorage, Alaska. Finally, after four decades of travel and on Ray’s 81st birthday, the couple crossed the last store off their list in Tualatin, Oregon.

Ray and Wilma were greeted by a crowd of supporters and reporters to celebrate the occasion. Breeanna Straessle, a spokesperson for the restaurant said, “We gave them custom Cracker Barrel aprons with their names on them — with four stars, of course, the highest rank.”

Ray Yoder, 80, began visiting Cracker Barrel while driving RVs across the country in the 1960s. “Travel was in our blood and we’ve always liked it,” Ray said. “And, of course, the best place to eat was at Cracker Barrel. It took the boredom out of the highway to eat there because it was so much like home — we could order what we liked, and they always had what we liked.”

“We’re just thankful every morning we can get up and go,” Ray said. “Every day is a lucky one, I say.”

Amen, brother.