Rocket Was Scheduled To Be Euthanized But Is Now Saving Lives In Houston


Rocket was once a no-name stray who was “too energetic” to live in a SPCA shelter. Staff considered Rocket unadoptable and they were running out of space, so Rocket was placed on the euthanize list. Today, he is one of many search dogs saving lives in Houston. Rocket was rescued and has now become the rescuer for those in need.

As time was running out on Rocket, shelter staff noticed that he had promising search dog characteristics, so they contacted the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to evaluate his skills. Not only was he accepted, but he was paired with Firefighter K-9 handler Mike Stornetta in Windsor, a community just outside of Sacramento, CA.

Soon after, Mike and Rocket earned their FEMA certification and began to be deployed all over the US to find and save disaster victims. Today, they are serving those in need in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“I’m so glad that Mike and Rocket are able to respond to those in need, ” wrote Andrea, the woman who rescued Rocket on Facebook.It is truly amazing to see how far Rocket has come! I’m overwhelmed to think of all of the people and time and effort that has gone into a stray dog that no one wanted. This is what it’s all about! Great Job SDF!!!”

His story proves that there are no bad dogs and that dogs, like people, just need the right encouragement to bloom.