Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Honestly, Truly Could Be Running For President 2020


One of the first serious steps in running for President is forming a political committee with the Federal Election Committee. According to the FEC’s website, The Rock just did.

Reporter Dave Leventhal spotted Run The Rock 2020 on the FEC’s website, showing that the action star is more closely eyeing a Presidential bid.

Johnson has joked about the idea, even seeming to consider the possibility in a profile with GQ, but after polls showed his high popularity, even beating Trump in a head-to-head vote, I knew Johnson would take the next step. Heck, he even came up with a campaign slogan: More Poise, Less Noise.

Johnson has always held himself up as a man of the people, giving the masses what they want and always giving his time to fans. He is also a kid from the streets who worked his way from the bottom to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood. He’s got the story and drive to attempt a solid run and Trump kicked open the door for celebrities without experience immediately run for the highest office in the land. As far as I’m concerned, this is still a developing story.

He has not declared a political party and claims he is a registered Independent.