9 Times Sadie Robertson Has Given Us Major Hair Envy


“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson has always been adorable and endearing. Today, she’s doing all kinds of things on her own from her Live Original campaign to countless speaking engagements– she’s pretty much building her own empire outside of the “Duck Dynasty” world.

If you’re not following her on Instagram, you’re missing out on some fantastic throwback family pictures (featuring a beardless Willie Robertson). You’re also missing out on pictures of an effortlessly good head of hair.

This is not what I look like when I wear my hair in a messy bun. Also, YAS to the scrunchie. Long live.

Nothing better than a good ombre and a natural wave! Also, can you spot her tattoo?

Why don’t I look like this when I wear a beanie?? Her latest chop might be one of my favorites.

This color and cut is perfect on her, and I may or may not be the picture I take to show my hairstylist next time I get a haircut.

I’m obsessed with how effortless this look is! She shared a tutorial on her Instagram on how to she gets the perfect wave, and it’s so easy!

I know this is literally just a messy bun, but why does it look so cute on her?

Seriously, give me your secrets, Sadie!!

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Nothing better than a power pony!! Honestly, it’s my go-to hairstyle on days when I just don’t have the energy to pick up a curling iron.

And of course she looks gorgeous with braided pigtails, whereas I look like Pippy Longstocking.