A “Saved By The Bell” Makeup Line is Coming, and All The ’90s Girls Rejoiced


Can someone turn up the AC (Slater)?! I’ve got some exciting news for my fellow “Saved By The Bell” fans!

Sola Look, a cruelty-free cosmetics company, is releasing a line of “Saved By The Bell” inspired makeup on February 3, and it’s such a good time to be alive.

While few details have been announced other than the launch date, Sola Look took to Instagram to share a signature “Saved By The Bell” design with “February 3” across it.

We can assume this will mean eyeshadow pallets with lots of bright, electric colors– the brand has done collaborations with other ’80s and ’90s classics like “Dirty Dancing” and “Flashdance,” so we have somewhat of an idea of what to expect.

In the meantime, I’ll be binge-watching “The College Years.” And watching this 1,000 times.