Tom Brady Cuts His Weekly Radio Call After Host Insults His 5-Year-Old Daughter


Y’all this needs to stop. Everyone needs to just calm the hell down and think about this for a second: speaking your mind is not a virtue, especially when it results is blatantly rude or insulting comments. Radio hosts are paid to talk. Fine. But after a sports host called Tom Brady’s daughter “an annoying pissant” on air, it made me wonder if people even connect their brains to their mouths anymore.

Brady was a regular on WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan program, but after one of the commentators insulted his daughter, he calmly explained why he could no longer be on the show.

“You know, I tried to come on this show for many years and showed you guys a lot of respect,” Brady said. “I’ve always tried to come on and do a good job for you guys. It’s very disappointing when you hear [the comments about my daughter], certainly. My daughter, or any child, certainly does not deserve that.”

“I’ll obviously evaluate whether or not I want to come on this show again. I really don’t have much to say this morning. Maybe I’ll speak with you guys some other time.”

It is easy to insult people on the air and online. We feel the endorphin rush of attention and never have to deal with that person’s response, whether it be the guilt and shame of having wounded someone or seeing the anger we have spun up. Being able to filter what you say and speak truthfully with humility and kindness is a virtue. Simply spewing what you think in a moment is destructive.

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