Tanzania’s Underwater Hotel Belongs On Your Bucket List


I doubt the Tanzania coast is on your bucket list. Most tourists go inland on safari in West Africa, but there is a new attraction that demands your attention offshore, The Manta Resort: a three-story floating suite with crystal clear views of the coral reef and Milky Way.

Now this is how you do the beach.

The floating suite is nestled in a pool 250 meters offshore amid the reef that attracts schools of brightly colored fish seeking shelter from predators. At night, spotlights illuminate the reef and attract shyer inhabitants like squid. A concierge will boat you out to the room, provide meals at prearranged times, and snorkel gear for the adventurous.

That sounds like a dream for some. For others, it sounds close to a nightmare. This is not for the claustrophobic or people who have watched too much Shark Week.

There is no doubt that this destination belongs on your bucket list, but, like most bucket-list destinations, it is not cheap. At $1,500 a night, the Manta Ray Underwater room is a once in a lifetime journey or a dream better fulfilled State-side.

For me, it’s a daydream vacation on a work break. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.