When Fast Food Restaurants Fight, We All Win


If there is one thing all burger joints have in common it’s beef. I mean that both literally and figuratively because there are times when simple capitalistic competition turns into real rivalry. Sometimes that animosity spills over to cause rifts between restaurants that have nothing in common. That’s exactly what happened recently in Lubbock, TX which quickly became the epicenter in a war of attrition between Wendy’s and local beverage company Pure Water.

It all started when the sign writer at Pure Water noticed that the Wendy’s sign across the street appeared to have copied some of his choice sign marketing phrases. He wrote,” “hey Wendy’s that sign looks familiar.”

It did not take long for Wendy’s to respond.

Soon the signs escalated into Chocolate Frosty-cold territory.

Then things got real.

Ultimately the battle threatened to bring the two sign writers face to face.

It is a rivalry that promises to be as deep and devastating as that of the Hatfield and McCoy’s. Of course, this kind of savagery is par for the course to Wendy’s. Their Twitter account takes no prisoners.

If any reporters are on site, we would love for you to check in from the corner of Fourth and Frankford.