The World’s Largest And “Most Beautiful” Starbucks Just Opened In China And It Is Stunning

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Sometimes, the best way to win in business is to go big. Think of Bass Pro Shops, Cheesecake Factory, or Disney World: each changed from a small business into a destination. Well Starbucks wants to join the club. The coffee chain has opened their largest store in Shanghai complete with augmented reality, specialty roasts and a ritzy, upscale bar vibe. It’s the sort of place where you wouldn’t want to get your Grande half-caff mocha Frappuccino (no whip) with hazelnut to go.

The 30,000 square foot coffee house features slow-coffee options, so it’s more like that hipster shop you avoid than the drive-thru neighborhood Starbucks you know and love. It kind of looks like it was built in an old observatory. If I saw this on the street, I would probably think it was a bank or investment firm.

But this is the most empty it will ever be. This place is going to be packed with tourists and Instagram influencers.

They really went all out with brown.

Or where professional pick-up artists hang out.

I am so fascinated by those large vats of colored water. Is it juice? A secret Chinese drink? The souls of those who could not afford their coffee?

I don’t see a single outlet in any of these pictures. Good luck charging your laptop and smartphone while starting your Etsy shop in this place.