10 GIFs That Prove Reba McEntire’s 1994 Performance of “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” is One of Country Music’s Greatest

In 1994 Reba released her single, “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” as the first single from her Read My Mind album. The song was as a sassy callout of a gentleman for not getting in touch via telephone when he said he would. The lyrics are hilariously old school now, “Baby you can dial … Read more

9 Mary Chapin Carpenter Songs I Still Listen to On Repeat

In the early 1990s, Mary Chapin Carpenter was a force to be reckoned with as she released the Platinum, Shooting Straight In The Dark; the 4x Platinum, Come On Come On; and the 2x Platinum, Stones In The Road. The five-time GRAMMY winner and two-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year quietly released an album … Read more

John Anderson Re-Recorded “Seminole Wind” and It Is Even Better Than You Remember

If you thought John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind” was good 25 years ago when it was originally released, wait until you his new version. Anderson got together with bluegrass favorites, Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road for the reinvigorated version and video. “It’s everyone’s dream to meet their favorite country music artist, but when you are an … Read more

13 Questions from A Man’s First Time Viewing of Reba’s “Fancy” Video

In 1969, Bobbie Gentry released “Fancy,” the tale of a young woman overcoming poverty to become a successful woman. Of course, she found success as a prostitute, but Gentry said of the song, “‘Fancy’ is my strongest statement for women’s lib, if you really listen to it. I agree wholeheartedly with that movement and all … Read more

Pam Tillis and The Property Brothers Danced to “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial” on the Grand Ole Opry Stage

In 1993, Pam Tillis released “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial,” as the third single from her Homeward Looking Angel album. During a recent performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Tillis stopped in the middle of the song to discuss the filming of the video, recalling that during the video she had some slave boys that carried … Read more

7 Amazing Videos from Reba McEntire and the 1990s

Let’s face it: music videos in the ’90s were just better. Reba McEntire, who was also testing her acting chops in a variety of films and ultimately TV, produced some of the best videos of the decade. 7 Amazing Videos from Reba McEntire and the 1990s: 1. “Fancy” Reba becomes Fancy Ray Baker in the … Read more