Adele Shares Heartfelt Note to Fans Saying She Really Might Not Ever Tour Again

Adele is a once-in-a-lifetime talent. She has the vocal chops of Aretha, the following of Beyonce and the good graces of Taylor. She’s the absolute total package of an entertainer. And she hates touring. Adele has been on a massive tour for the past year in promotion of massive 25 album and during a show … Read more

Adele Posted the Weirdest Best Photo of Herself to Instagram on Her Birthday

Adele has to be the most down-to-Earth global superstar to ever exist. Like, ever. Most recently, Adele celebrated her “nearly 30” birthday and did so by sharing the weirdest (best) photo to Instagram. It’s her in makeup wearing a cardigan and reading glasses. Not to mention, her hair is graying and well, she looks 70. … Read more

Billboard Music Awards Announce Nominees (and There Are No Female Country Music Nominees)

Not that the Billboard Music Awards are super reflective of the ever-changing tides of country music or anything, but this year’s nominee list, particularly the country categories are intriguing. Luke Bryan is nominated for a big overall award, but not for Top Country Artist. Also, Chris Stapleton’s Traveller got a nod. Even though it is … Read more

James Corden and Demi Lovato Had an A Cappella Diva-Off Singing Songs from Tina Turner, Cher and Adele (and Yeah, You Need to See This)

The thing about being a diva is that you typically think you’re the diva. Very few divas will even acknowledge that other divas might exist. James Corden has another theory about divas– old school divas like Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner are better than divas today. Demi Lovato disagrees, so she challenged Corden to a … Read more

Adele Performs Moving “Make You Feel My Love” for London Terror Attack Victims

Adele is currently Down Under performing shows in Australia and New Zealand, but her heart is in London. After learning about the terrorist attack in London that killed four and injured 40 others, Adele stopped her show in Auckland, New Zealand and asked fans to shine their lights in tribute, “Today there was a terror … Read more

The New Gaston (Luke Evans) Is Obsessed With Singing Adele Songs, So Ellen Got Him This:

Luke Evans, the dude who is making us question everything by making the “Beauty and the Beast” bad Gaston attractive, was on Ellen to discuss his obsession: Adele. Not in a creepy way. He’s obsessed with her music, like most of us. He brought Ellen some footage of him singing one of Adele’s tunes to … Read more

Adele Met Up with Elmo in Australia After His Plea Went Viral

These days, if you want to meet your hero, you just gotta get your message out there, which is exactly what Elmo did. Elmo took to Australian TV show, “The Project” and shared his deep affection for Adele with the hosts (and the world), that, “Elmo loves you with all of Elmo’s heart. Elmo wants … Read more

[Watch] Elmo’s Emotional Plea to Adele

You and your friends aren’t the only people in the world obsessed with Adele. Even Elmo from “Sesame Street” is dying to duet with the world’s greatest songstress. While in Australia, Elmo made an emotional plea to Adele during an appearance on “The Project.” “Elmo loves you with all of Elmo’s heart. Wherever you are, … Read more

Adele Confirms That She’s “Married Now” and She Loves Love

After months of rumors and the appearance of a wedding ring, Adele confirmed to an audience that yes, she’s “married now.” The speech to a crowd in Brisbane, Australia was a bit different than most sappy marriage speeches, but Adele can make anything sound poetic. “…As bad as a breakup can be, bitter and horrible … Read more

Alicia Keys Impersonated Gwen Stefani, Adele and Janis Joplin with Jimmy Fallon and We Literally Can’t Even

Alicia Keys is, arguably, the most talented judge on “The Voice.” (If we’re going off of GRAMMY wins, you know?) Keys showed off that unreal talent on “The Tonight Show” during Wheel of Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon. She started off with an impersonation of Gwen Stefani that started off slow, but ended with a … Read more

Katy Perry Says She Once Shared a Burrito with Adele and It Sounds Like a Perfectly Lovely Meal

After a controversial performance at the BRIT Awards from Katy Perry, she took to the interview circuit to share a quick story and impersonation about and of Adele. Apparently, one time Katy was eating a burrito and Adele basically had never seen a burrito and asked Katy multiple times, “where’d you get that burrito?” before … Read more