Make Sure Your Traveling Bottles Never Leak Again

The last thing anyone needs after collecting their luggage is finding out their shampoo leaked all over their clothes. Traveling is tricky enough without having to worry about their cosmetic bottle pressurizing at thirty thousand feet. Thanks to twitter user JaidenAnimations there is an easy solution, one so simple you will wonder why you didn’t … Read more

What To Do If You Get Bumped From Your Flight

After repeated incidents of traveler violence, extreme air turbulence, and general disregard for passengers more and more travelers are walking away from air travel. But that does not mean that people will never fly again. Most people will fly again and if you fly, you better be ready to get bumped from your flight. Planes … Read more

Delta Brings Happiness Back to Air Travel with Help from Kenny G. and a Dog

It has been a turbulent month for airlines. Repeated violence towards passengers, scorpions, and general distrust towards the industry has caused customers to think twice before flying. If travelers ever needed a ray of hope, a hero to emerge from the ashes of despair, it would be now. Well wipe away your tears, friends; two … Read more

The Best Days to Book Budget Flights For Your Summer Vacation

Booking a plane ticket is a lot like playing the stock market. The options fluctuate in price at seemingly random intervals and the best price always seems to be wherever you aren’t. But you’re still going to travel this summer. Americans travel most between June and September and airlines know it, shifting their prices about … Read more