4 Pairs of Red Boots to Make You Feel Like Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Depending on your outlook, and possibly your relationship status, Valentine’s Day can be fun, romantic, or depressing. We’re not making any judgments here, but since you can’t escape the holiday, why not find a reason to celebrate? We found these red boots to help you do just that. Step into a pair of these and you … Read more

5 Elvis Boots That Will Make You Want to Wear Blue Suede

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6 Pairs of Ankle Boots Every Woman Should Own

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Proof You Can Wear Boots With Every Fall Outfit

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Meet The Ankle Boot That is Hotter Than a Firecracker

The Red Pepper Fringe Ankle Boot by Redneck Riviera is short, but full of spice. This ankle cowboy boot is hotter than any fire cracker as it boasts two layers of long leather fringe and smokey vintage red leather. These short boots are versatile and ready to pair with skirts, shorts & skinny jeans. Bring … Read more

7 Pairs of Our Favorite Patriotic Boots

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Perfect for summer dresses and shorts, the American Rebel’s Cristabel Stud Boot is a hot little ankle boot packed with details. A modern combination of grommets and studs gives the boot and edgy feel yet maintaining that classic appeal. You will want to wear this beauty every day! The cushioned insole and durable leather outsole offer … Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Live Life on the Edge With These Fierce Boots

If you are a girl who likes to risks and lives life on the edge, the Grace Boot by American Rebel is the perfect choice! This classic styled boot features a Western cross along with classic details. Charcoaled inlays and overlays provide the perfect accent to the America black leather, while blue details keep the style confident and … Read more