[Watch] James Corden and Anne Hathaway Sing 12 Songs in 5 Minutes During ‘Soundtrack to a Rom Com’

We know this about James Corden— he knows his way around a popular tune or three. And we know this about Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway— she knows her way around a romantic comedy. So, what happens when the two get together on “The Late Late Show?” Soundtrack To a Rom-Com happens and the world is … Read more

Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon Sang Classic Hits With Google Translated Lyrics and We Can’t Stop Laughing

English is a difficult language. Even native English speakers have to take English until they are in high school. But if there is one thing more difficult for Americans than their own language, it’s someone else’s. Google knows this and created a simple 1-to-1 translator to help everyone communicate quickly. Thanks Google! Kind of. The … Read more