Ashley McBryde’s Brother Clay McBryde Passes Away

Ashley McBryde pr photo

Condolences are going out to country singer Ashley McBryde. The 34-year-old and her family are dealing with the tragic loss of her 53-year-old brother Clay McBryde.  The obituary for William Clayton McBryde Jr. reveals that Ashley’s brother, a Russellville, Ark., resident, died Wednesday, June 20, at his home. The father of one is survived by his … Read more

Justin Moore Shares the Challenges of Being a Father and Touring Musician

Justin Moore with daughter

Justin Moore recently opened his home in Poyen, Arkansas, to Southern Living, where he discussed the joys of fatherhood ahead of Father’s Day. The “Kinda Don’t Care” singer met with the publication shortly after putting his kids to sleep and admits that this ritual is one of his favorite moments of the day. “What do … Read more

Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found in Arkansas

It sounds unbelievable or possibly photoshopped, but this two-headed rattlesnake is real (and still alive). The venomous Timber Rattlesnake was found and captured Wednesday, September 6, in Northeast Arkansas. A man by the name of Mark Young posted a picture of the snake on his Facebook page Wednesday, explaining that the snake was caught by … Read more

5 Arkansas Swimming Holes You’ll Want to Visit This Summer

Swimming pools are nice, but we all know that swimming holes are where the real action is. It’s hard to beat being surrounded by nature, fewer people, and places to explore. So, next time you’re itching to escape the concrete jungle, try these swimming holes in The Natural State. 5 Arkansas Swimming Holes You’ll Want … Read more

Local News Takes Barrett Baber’s Version of “Right Here Waiting” from “The Voice” to Some Other Level

Barrett Baber, season nine #TeamBlake member on “The Voice” is an Arkansas boy through and through. He’s so ingrained in the state a local news channel in Little Rock, Arkansas re-made his remake of Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” into a rainy day daydream music video. The station’s anchors and reporters each got a shot … Read more

Miranda Lambert Found One of the Most Amazing Songwriters Ever (In Arkansas)

Arkansas gets a bad rap. I can say that because I was born-and-raised here, moved away for a number of years, but returned well into my adult life because I missed it so much. Arkansas is a great place with more than its fair share of stereotypes and worn-out cliches about it, so it isn’t … Read more

13 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were From Arkansas

Citizens of Arkansas know all about their hometown heroes, but even they may be surprised by some of the celebrities on this list who hail from “The Natural State.” Glen Campbell How could the Rhinestone Cowboy be born anywhere else than a town called Delight? Johnny Cash Before he was the Man in Black and … Read more

Local Listen: Barrett Baber Covers Randy Travis

Country Outfitter is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Besides being right down the road from the University of Arkansas and Walmart, Fayetteville has a lot going on. One of those things is the local music scene and the reigning king of that scene, Barrett Baber. In 2014, Baber won two contests that thrust … Read more

Eight Bumper Stickers That Make Me Worry About America

Bumper stickers are weird. Just as when choosing a tattoo, one must carefully consider what one attaches to one’s bumper. Here are some perplexing stick-on sentiments people have chosen to share with the world, or at least certain stretches of highway throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. That’s where I saw these gems (Yes, actual mottos, credos, warnings, and … Read more