6 Songs You Should Listen To On Repeat All Weekend

The weekend. With the weather on the rise and your windows likely rolling in the opposite direction– these are the songs you should probably listen to whenever you get the chance. 1. Austin Webb // “All Country On You“ If you don’t, he’s likely to go “all Carrie Underwood on you.” 2. Kelsea Ballerini // … Read more

8 Reasons You Should Get to Know Austin Webb

Austin Webb is gearing up to make a run up the country music charts with his latest single, “All Country On You,” but that that’s not the only reason you need to get to familiar with the singer-songwriter from South Carolina. 1. He made Carrie Underwood a verb.  Austin sings, “going all Carrie Underwood on … Read more

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are From South Carolina

Were you shocked at how many celebrities there are whom you didn’t know are from North Carolina? We were, so we decided to add South Carolina into the mix. Can you believe these celebrities hail from South Carolina? Aziz Ansari When Aziz Ansari played South Carolinian Tom Haverford on “Parks and Recreation,” the South Carolina … Read more

Austin Webb’s “All Country On You” Lyric Video

Austin Webb is on to something with his single, “All Country On You.” He’s taking up for the girls in this one, acknowledging that any woman scorned might be justified in going a little crazy. Call it justifiable temporary insanity. So long as no one gets hurt, what’s the harm in channeling your inner Carrie … Read more