Yes, Someone Made a Chris Stapleton Statue Entirely Out of Bacon

Just when we thought country music sensation Chris Stapleton couldn’t get any better, someone came out with a bacon version. Bacon artist (coolest job title ever?) Nancy Baker created the unique sculpture for LouFest, an annual two-day musical event, held in St. Louis, Missouri. After hearing about the fun piece of art, Chris shared a … Read more

Kevin Bacon, Please Attend The 3rd Annual Baconfest

The town of Guilford, Vermont is hosting its third annual Baconfest this Saturday. The festival promises to include beer, blues music, and you guessed it—bacon. In an attempt to boost the profile of what sounds like a pretty sweet festival, the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce has officially invited famous actor Kevin Bacon to attend. Locals … Read more

Bacon Chips And Guacamole Recipes That Will Change Your Life

Okay, so these recipes are practically heart attacks waiting to happen, but you only live once! Both bacon and guac are strong contenders for the “best food of all time” title, so why not just have both… at the same time? Bacon chips and guac are definitely the snack no one needs but everyone totally wants. Check out … Read more

This Little Kid is All of Us When We Eat Bacon

On Christmas morning, a little boy named Easten experienced something incredible — something better than Christmas, better than Santa, better than presents. He experienced bacon for the first time. Thankfully, his dad was kind enough to capture the moment on camera, so that we could all experience the euphoric bacon moment right along with him. Now, we’re all … Read more