This Pitcher Proves Your Big-League Dreams May Not Be Dead

The Chicago Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon made a strange call in yesterday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers. In the ninth inning, he put his center fielder, Jon Jay, in at pitcher to close the game. Jay is not a pitcher– he throws as fast as any former high school or college pitcher. Even so, he … Read more

Brett Eldredge and the Chicago Cubs Have a Lot in Common, Which Makes Him Love Them Even More

Brett Eldredge grew up as a Chicago Cubs fans, so last fall when the time came for him to choose between the CMA Awards or the World Series– it was a no-brainer. Brett skipped the 50th Annual CMA Awards to be at Game 7 of the World Series, where the Cubs won for the first … Read more

Tim Tebow Inspires On “The Tonight Show”

Tim Tebow visited Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” to promote his recent book “Shaken.” In typical Tebow fashion, the interview brought tears and inspiration to many who didn’t know they needed it. He has been the center of scrutiny for many sports enthusiasts, myself included, who question his ability to succeed in MLB baseball. … Read more

George W. Bush Photobombs A Sideline Reporter, Proves That Presidents are Just Like Us

George W Bush is living his best life. The former President carries the clout of the most powerful office in the world, spends considerable time working with charities and wounded American soldiers, and (now that he’s out of Washington) doesn’t have to constantly jockey for political position. He has done the most stressful job in … Read more

This Little Girl Crying Over the Milwaukee Brewers Loss is My Spirit Animal

Three-year-old Saydee Sogard took a recent Milwaukee Brewers loss very personally. Granted, Saydee’s father is Brewers infielder Eric Sogard. That said, this video of her upset after their loss to the San Diego Padres is quite possibly my favorite thing. Girl, I’ve been there. You think your going to win and in the 10th inning … Read more

[Watch] Bill Murray Tried to Bribe Umpires During a Minor League Baseball Game

One of the best parts of minor league baseball is the on-field fun. People mess around and it only makes the night better. Take Bill Murray, America’s weird uncle, for example, Murray tried to bribe the umpires before throwing out the opening pitch for the Charleston RiverDogs, a team he co-owns. The umpires reacted to … Read more

How Impressive is Tim Tebow’s First Home Run?

Tebow slammed a two-run homer in his debut for the Columbia Fireflies. The crowd went wild. It was like a moment out of “The Natural” or “The Rookie.” He’s back! Sports outlets scrambled to report the colossal feat and analyze it from every angle. His fans are ecstatic, letting loose the I-told-you-sos as they have … Read more

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Are Dating And We Have To Decide On Their Couple Name Before It’s Over

Recently retired Yankees third-basemen and Spring Training special instructor Alex Rodriguez has found another over-the-hill pop star to call his girlfriend. That’s right, Jennifer Lopez (best known for her role in NBC’s “Shades Of Blue”) and Alex Rodriguez (who was NOT the Yankees shortstop) are together at last. If there’s any luck, Jennifer Lopez might … Read more

Starting Summer 2017 You’ll Be Able to Play Baseball on Jake Owen Field

In December, Jake Owen performed at the Kevin Harvick Foundation‘s 6th Annual Dinner, Auction and Concert for his friend, NASCAR champ Kevin Harvick. Well, during the ceremony Harvick surprised Jake with news that they’re opening a Youth Development Park named in Owen’s honor. The park will be built in Jake’s hometown of Vero Beach, Fla. … Read more

Brett Eldredge and Anthony Rizzo Perform Acoustic “Go Cubs Go” in Chicago

Over the past year or so, Anthony Rizzo (first baseman for the Chicago Cubs) and Brett Eldredge have performed together a lot. But, they’re usually singing one of Brett’s songs. Anthony’s walk-up song is even Brett’s “Drunk On Your Love.” For now, they’ve retired that duet and have moved on to the updated version of … Read more

Brett Eldredge Sings “Go Cubs Go” For Game 7 of the World Series

Everyone knows Brett Eldredge is a huge Cubs fan. Just look at his reaction from the BMI Awards when he learned that his favorite team was winning. The Cubs, who have earned the reputation for squandering every opportunity, and melting down in the worst possible times, have not won a championship since 1908. That’s before … Read more

We Got to Tell Brett Eldredge the Chicago Cubs Were Winning Game 6 of the World Series and It Was Really Fun

Brett Eldredge had two songs being honored during the BMI Country Awards, but as a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan all he could think about was game six of the World Series versus the Cleveland Indians.

We had the chance to interview Brett on the red carpet before the awards and all we wanted to do was tell him that the Cubs were winning.

It was like Christmas morning.