Former UConn Basketball Player Stanley Robinson Dead at 32

UConn basketball player Stanley Robinson dead at 32

Former UConn basketball player, Stanley Robinson, has died at the age of 32 at his home in Birmingham, Alabama. No cause of death has been revealed at this time. UConn Men’s Baskeball tweeted out the news with their condolences for Robinson’s loss. “The UConn Basketball family grieves the loss of a great player and an … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Edition of Mean Tweets Takes on the NBA and It’s Pretty Mean

Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets NBA edition

As Game 1 of the NBA finals, between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, got underway, Jimmy Kimmel aired another edition of his Mean Tweets segment. The new edition takes on NBA players, including Jalen Rose,Tracy McGrady, Draymond Green, Ben Simmons, Glenn Robinson, Jimmy Butler, DeAaron Fox, Andre Drummond, Scottie Pippen, Kevin Love, … Read more

President George H.W. Bush Has Been Moved to a Regular Hospital Room and He’s Very Concerned About the Houston Rockets NBA Playoff Chances

President George H.W. Bush seems to be on the mend after spending a few days in the ICU. President Bush was admitted to the hospital just hours after laying his wife former First Lady Barbara Bush to rest after 73 years of marriage. At the time it was reported that the President was battling an … Read more

NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship Game Was More Exciting Than Any Men’s Game This Year

Here’s an unpopular opinion– at times, women’s basketball is sometimes more fun to watch than men’s basketball because it’s way more fundamental. There’s been a lot of back-and-forth in recent years about a few women’s teams being so much better than other teams that it’s almost unfair and boring to watch. I don’t disagree with … Read more

Who to Root For in the Sweet 16 Based on Celebrity Affiliations

It’s that time of year again! March! And if you want to keep up with the Joneses or at least act like you know something about basketball, you have to have a team you want to win it all. Picking a team after your team has gone down is a tricky task, but can be … Read more

You Haven’t Live Until You’ve Heard Charles Barkley And Samuel L Jackson Sing Garth

I don’t know why it happened or what the point was supposed to be, but Capitol One put their March Madness gang on horses and had them Sing Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places.” Yes, Charles Barkley, Samuel L Jackson, and Spike Lee sang Garth while riding horses for a credit card commercial. It’s confusing, but … Read more

Justin Moore Played Horse With A Harlem Globetrotter And Is Better Than You Would Think

Justin Moore, 5’7″, played basketball with a Harlem Globetrotter in an empty arena before a show and ended up exactly a you would expect. He really didn’t stand a chance against his competition, Zeus McClurkin, 6’8″, who makes trick shots for a living. But what was surprising is how consistently Moore can drain a three-pointer. … Read more

Shirtless Oklahoma Student Sent Crowd and Internet Into a Real Frenzy Over His Bod

We have all seen the half-court shooter at a college basketball game, the guy trying to win a truck or sofa if only he can sink a half-court shot. An Oklahoma student had the chance to win money for books or tuition (I don’t really know) on a shot and missed badly. Like, the ball … Read more

Minnesota Timberwolves Star Jimmy Butler Stars in Luke Bryan’s New Sexy Video for “Light It Up”

Luke Bryan‘s first single, “Light It Up” off his upcoming album, What Makes You Country, is a dramatic tale about a man and his phone. When the happily married and 41-year-old Bryan sings, “I wake up, I check it, I shower and I check it /I feel the buzz in my truck /And I almost … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Tries To Pull Off Russell Westbrook’s Style And Kind Of Does

Style is equal parts confidence and comfort. You have to like what you wear and then have the confidence to own it, no matter how “out there” you outfit might be. You just can’t care what people think. That’s Russell Westbrook, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player and fashion icon. That’s not late night talk show … Read more

8 Most Interesting Looks from the #ESPYs

The 2017 ESPY Awards served as a gathering spot for the world’s greatest athletes and some of their super fans. The 25th annual event, as of late, serves as a chance for athletes to really show off their creative, fashionable sides. And the red carpet was an interesting sight to see. 8 Most Interesting Looks … Read more

Taylor Swift Breaks Months of Silence to Congratulate Russell Westbrook on Winning NBA MVP, Because He Once Told Her to “Shake It Off”

It’s been months since the world has seen or heard from Taylor Swift, so how the Oklahoma City Thunder got her to make a video for Russell Westbrook, we’ll never know. Westbrook was awarded the NBA’s top individual honor, the 2016-2017 KIA NBA MVP Award and T. Swift wanted to be a part of the … Read more