The “Today Show” Offers Up 4 Alternative Uses For Beer That Should Never Be Tried Because Beer is For Drinking

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Finnish Brewery Created the First 1000-Pack of Beer and Lots of People Want One

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11 Southern Breweries You Need to Tour This Weekend by State

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Beer 101: An Easy Guide to Beer

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The Best Beer from Each State

Americans love their beer. And with over 4,150 breweries in the U.S. alone, picking a favorite beer can be close to impossible. Yes, most states have several breweries within them, but which ones are the best? Let the debate begin. The Best Beer from Each State: Alabama // GOOD PEOPLE BREWING COMPANY IPA: Rich and … Read more

Karen Fairchild Proves to Be Most Badass Country Music Star During Musical Beers with LBT, Jimmy Fallon, Susan Sarandon and Elijah Wood

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Maren Morris Declares Her Love for Beer While Drunk Tweeting

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Strawberry Beer-Rita Makes For The Perfect Weekend Cocktail Recipe

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14 Must-Have Drinking Accessories For Men

Whether you consider yourself a social drinker, a lush, or maybe you’re a connoisseur of all things alcohol— these must-have drinking accessories might be right up your alley. 14 Must-Have Drinking Accessories For Men: 1. Whiskey Stones. Skip the ice and serve your drinks on the rocks— literally. Whiskey stones won’t ever water down your … Read more