13 Things You Can Do with Beer (Other than Drink It)

Like duct tape — which an indispensable product with hundreds of household uses — beer does more than take up room in your kitchen’s refrigerator. It’s a toiletry, lawn fertilizer, construction equipment, and a safety tool. I say it’s time to make beer an even bigger part of our world. Here are 13 new reasons … Read more

How to Order a Craft Beer Without Being The Worst

Selecting your beer used to be the simplest part of ordering a meal. Take your pick of brands then answer, light or full-flavored, bottle or can. There was never much reason to give the process more thought than that. Times are changing though. For decades, craft beer has been a small and vibrant part of … Read more

Bucket List:14 Must-Drink Brews From 7 Southern Beer Makers

There’s nothing like summer in the South to make you thirsty enough to spit cotton. Most of the country expects us to cool off with sweet tea and mint juleps, but the past decade has seen the South rise among the prestigious craft beer. Previously American craft beer had long been the sole domain of Northern … Read more