Getting Our Redneck Riviera On After the CMAs

Nashville’s elite got up close and personal with Redneck Riviera boots last week. Every year after the CMA Awards, Redneck Riviera brand creator and boot designer John Rich invites a few friends over for what has become a legendary after-party. Along with a who’s who in country music, a crew from Country Outfitter was lucky enough to … Read more

Big & Rich: Tales from the Tour

Big & Rich sat down with Jimmy Fallon to give fans some behind-the-scenes fun and a few tales from the tour. Lots of weird stories. And you know what? I think they’re probably true. We Googled “Two Foot Fred,” so you don’t have to: Gravity, Big and Rich’s first album off of their new record … Read more

Big & Rich’s New Video

Big & Rich‘s new video for “Look At You,” is the prequel for other singles ready to roll off of their upcoming album, Gravity. With “Look At You,” we’re in Las Vegas following two people falling in love. We’re pretty excited to see what happens to this couple– will they fall under the “What happens … Read more

3 Best Football Theme Songs

Football and country music go hand-in-hand. So much so that for big-time football television productions country music artists are brought in to sing and write theme songs for these mega-events. But, this begs the question, which football-centric, big-time production is the best? Let’s decide. “Comin’ To Your City” // Big and Rich Pros: “Comin’ To … Read more

Big and Rich: Look at You

If there’s a more fun duo in music than Big Kenny and John Rich, collectively known as Big & Rich, we’d like to meet them. Their newest single, “Look at You” is currently climbing the charts with its sweet, soulful and catchy sound. “Look at You” is first single off the duo’s upcoming album, Gravity, and … Read more

Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue Set to Release

The highly-anticipated Country tribute album, Nashville Outlaws: Tribute to Motley Crue, has been set to release July 8. The project will feature fresh takes on 15 of the band’s biggest hits covered by some of Country music’s biggest names, including Florida Georgia Line, Justin Moore, Big & Rich, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Wilson, Darius Rucker, Rascal … Read more

Redneck Riviera and a Nashville Palace: Reasons to Love John Rich

Redneck Riviera, USA– Country music artist John Rich might be the busiest man in Nashville. He’s got a solo career, he’s half of the duo Big & Rich, and the man won season 11 of Celebrity Apprentice. Trump is no easy boss so we know the mind of a mogul is under that big hat. Rich … Read more