Bill Murray Bought A Ton Of Tickets To See Chris Stapleton’s Old Band, The SteelDrivers, And Handed Them Out To Fans For Free

Think of your favorite musician or band. Like any fan, I’m sure you can’t wait to share their music with friends and talk about it on social media. We love to share the things we love. Well, Bill Murray loves music, so much so that he bought out a significant chunk of his local theater … Read more

[Watch] Bill Murray Tried to Bribe Umpires During a Minor League Baseball Game

One of the best parts of minor league baseball is the on-field fun. People mess around and it only makes the night better. Take Bill Murray, America’s weird uncle, for example, Murray tried to bribe the umpires before throwing out the opening pitch for the Charleston RiverDogs, a team he co-owns. The umpires reacted to … Read more

Bill Murray Sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as Daffy Duck During the World Series

Bill Murray has been waiting his entire life to lead Chicago Cubs fans through the 7th-inning stretch during a World Series game. So, when he finally got the chance to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley Field during game three of the Fall Classic, why wouldn’t he sing it as “America’s greatest … Read more

7 Pretty Bad Ceremonial First Pitches Before Big-Time Baseball Games

Ceremonial first pitches have been a part of baseball for a long, long time. For the most part, they go unnoticed and without fanfare. But, others– not so much. Mostly, former baseball players, stars for other sports teams in the home team city or local heroes throw out first pitches. First pitches usually go bad … Read more

Just a Picture of Bill Murray Wearing a “George Clooney Is a Beautiful Man” Shirt While Sitting Next to George Clooney

In the most random piece of news you’ll hear today, actor Bill Murray was recently spotted sporting a “George Clooney Is a Beautiful Man” t-shirt while sitting right next to George Clooney. In the photo, it looks like George and his wife Amal are sitting on a boat casually watching some fireworks, while Bill is … Read more

6 Blockbuster Movies You Have to See This Summer

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Bill Murray is Still a Bigger Chris Stapleton Fan Than You

It’s been a year since Chris Stapleton‘s debut album Traveller dropped and 6 months since everyone else in the world caught up to his greatness during the 49th Annual CMA Awards. These days, everyone labels themselves a Chris fan, but most of those fans are still pretty far behind Bill Murray. Last summer, Chris released … Read more

17 Most Enviable Movie Bromances

For the sake of this article, the term ‘bromance‘ will be defined as the deep, platonic love between two (or more) male characters in a movie. It is probably one of the healthiest additions to the gender landscape that have evolved in a long time. The ability for males, who are so comfortable in their … Read more