Old Navy’s Insane Black Friday Sock Sale Was So Successful, They’re Donating $1 Million to Boys and Girls Clubs

Remember that crazy, cozy $1 Black Friday sale I mentioned Old Navy was having? According to a press release provided by the company, Old Navy is now donating $1 million to Boys and Girls Clubs after selling 2 million pairs of their fuzzy socks on Black Friday– “enough to line the entire coastline of California.” … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed on Cyber Monday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, there are bound to be (and already are) countless offers and ads for deals streaming in from all over the place. But according to Quad9, only 50 percent of people think they can determine if an online shopping site is legitimate. Even more alarming? Amazon, Walmart and Target … Read more

KFC Has A Unique Solution To Black Friday Madness

Corporations are feeling a backlash (and maybe a bit complicit) from the madness they have created on Black Friday, the most ominously named “holiday.” In order to stand out, many corporations have closed on Friday, started product repair programs instead of sales, or encouraged customers to stay home and shop online. KFC has a completely … Read more

Old Navy’s Best Black Friday Deal Costs $1, And It’s The Coziest Deal Ever

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge Black Friday person. In fact, I’ve never ventured out into the crowds on Black Friday, simply because there’s nothing in this world that I need badly enough to stand in long lines with lunatic shoppers who would do literally ANYTHING to me in order … Read more

9 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl in Your Life Wants for Christmas This Year

The holidays are right around the corner (crazy, right?) and that means Christmas shopping. Now, I don’t know about you, but my mom, sister-in-law, grandmother and best girlfriend are the hardest people for me to buy gifts for. They’re picky, snobby about quality and everything they want is way out of my price range. Thankfully, … Read more

5 Black Friday Boot Deals Perfect For The Cowgirl Or Cowboy In Your Life

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5 Black Friday Deals That Will Solve Your Christmas Dilemma

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