Jessie James Decker Drops New Girl Anthem “Boots” [Listen]

Jessie James Decker new single

Jessie James Decker is back with a vengeance on her new song, “Boots.” A track she describes as a girl anthem, the song serves as a kissoff to haters. “People keep on talkin’ / Honey, I just smile / They say I’ll never make it but I’ve been here for a while / They’ll never … Read more

9 Shoes Every True Southern Girl Will Want To Have in Her Closet This Fall

When it comes to being a southern girl, there are a few things you know to be true— like the higher your hair is, the closer you are to God, and so on. And, any true southern girl knows that you can never have too many shoes, especially when boots are involved. Whether you’re looking … Read more

Ree Drummond Says She Relies on Her ‘Darn Sassy’ Cowgirl Boots to Make Up for Her Lack of Knowledge About Farming

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, is all about keepings things real, and we love her for it. If you watch Ree on Food Network or follow her on social media, you know that her husband, Ladd, is a big-time farmer, and their family lives on a beautiful ranch in Oklahoma— but Ree is here to … Read more

Reba’s Custom Boot Wall in her Closet Holds 85 Pairs of Boots and is Everything We Imagined it Would Be

Recently we found out that (to no surprise), Reba has over 80 pairs of boots with their own “special closet.” Now, we’re getting a glimpse inside said closet and holy wow. The wall holds at least 85 pairs of boots ranging in height, style and color. According to People, the oldest pair in the closet … Read more

Reba Says She Owns Over 80 Pairs of Boots That Have Their Own ‘Special Closet’ and That’s Every Country Girl’s Dream

We know Reba McEntire has some style– the country superstar has her own clothing line and her own boot collaboration, “Reba by Justin.” In an interview with Footwear News, Reba shared that she actually owns over 80 pairs of cowboy boots, and I’ll just let that sink in for a minute. “I have over 80 … Read more

Joey + Rory Feek’s Daughter Got Some Special Boots And It’s Beyond Adorable

Rory Feek of the duo Joey + Rory recently shared a video of his daughter, Indiana, clomping through a shoe store in her fist pair of boots. The specialty boots fit over Indiana’s leg braces and are perfect for life on the farm. Little Indiana lives in rural Tennessee surrounded by folks with boots. She … Read more

Carrie Underwood Sent Hoda Kotb’s Baby Girl the Smallest Pair of Pink Cowboy Boots Ever Made

Proving yet again that she’s not of this world, Carrie Underwood gifted a pair of cowboy boots so small and so pink to Hoda Kotb’s daughter they have to be custom made. Hoda recently adopted little Haley Joy and she’s already on the list to meet Queen Carrie someday. Not sure if she has to … Read more

3 Super Sleek Booties That Look Like a Million Bucks, But Won’t Break the Bank

More often than not, trendy and chic don’t fall into the comfortable and affordable categories. It seems like it’s also one or the other– a good looking closet or a healthy bank account. However, Ariat may have just answered all of our fashion prayers with their new Ariat District Collection and the Belle Bootie. The … Read more