Adele Dedicated Her Entire NYC Show to Brangelina (Because She’s Just as Heartbroken as the Rest of Us)

There’s no question that Adele is the person you turn to when you’ve had a bad breakup — or are just feeling crummy, in general. Not only does her smooth, sweet voice soothe the soul, but her lyrics are pertinent to any heart-aching situation. Basically, she makes you feel okay about crying your eyes out … Read more

Gwen Stefani Says She Was Almost Cast as the Lead Role in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

During a recent interview with Howard Stern, pop sensation Gwen Stefani revealed that, once upon a time, she auditioned to play Jane Smith in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Now, if you’ll remember, Angelina Jolie ended up playing the role, alongside Brad Pitt. The movie launched the two into a whirlwind romance and landed … Read more

17 Most Enviable Movie Bromances

For the sake of this article, the term ‘bromance‘ will be defined as the deep, platonic love between two (or more) male characters in a movie. It is probably one of the healthiest additions to the gender landscape that have evolved in a long time. The ability for males, who are so comfortable in their … Read more