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15 Songs on Miranda Lambert’s Country Music Radio Request List

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Brandy Clark’s Acoustic Performance of “You’re Drunk” is Better Than Anything You’ll Hear on the Radio Today

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Brandy Clark’s “You’re Drunk” is Your New Favorite Song (or Should Be)

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Brandy Clark’s Cover of Eric Church’s “Kill A Word” Will Give You Chills

The 2nd AIMP Nashville Awards were recently held at the Ryman Auditorium and though Brandy Clark didn’t win any awards, she totally stole the show with her cover of Eric Church’s “Kill A Word.” Clark was on-hand as a nominee for Writer of the Year and “Kill A Word” was nominated for AIMP Song of … Read more

What It’s Like to Be Backstage at Big Country Music Event

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Brandy Clark Gave Us Poker Tips in Las Vegas and They Worked

Of all the people we talked to in Las Vegas during the ACM Awards, not one person told us they excelled at Texas Hold ‘Em– save Brandy Clark. Actually, Brandy is the only person who even mentioned playing poker to us. Everyone else was all slots! Blackjack!

Brandy is a prolific songwriter and a GRAMMY-nominated singer, so obviously we asked for poker tips.

Brandy says to be consistent, work on your poker face and that whole Kenny Rogers thing about know when to fold ’em, know when to hold ’em works too.

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