Luke Bryan Confirms Work on New Album (Kind Of)

The newly crowned, CMA Entertainer of the Year, Luke Bryan sat down with and finally answered the question, when will there be new music? And if you’re a big Luke Bryan fan, you won’t be disappointed with his answer. Bryan will have a hard time topping the success of Crash My Party, which to … Read more

Luke Bryan: I See You

The Luke Bryan train is still running full-speed ahead. “I See You” is the millionth single (or maybe just the sixth) off of Crash My Party. Originally slated as the album’s lead single, Bryan has stated that this is by far, his most favorite song on the album. He told recently, “We were having … Read more

Jason Aldean: Just Gettin’ Started

Continuing his streak of sultry, sexy singles, Jason Aldean has released “Just Gettin’ Started” to radio. This is the follow-up single to the mega-hit, “Burnin’ It Down” off his latest album, Old Boots, New Dirt. By the looks (or sounds) of these two singles, Jason Aldean and his old boots are just gettin’ started. Last … Read more

Chase Rice: Gonna Wanna Tonight

Chase Rice‘s “Gonna Wanna Tonight,”  is the latest single from his album, Ignite the Night. The song has a familiar Rice-sound and will certainly resonate with his fans. Not to mention, it’s pretty sexy. If you’re into drinking wine and hanging out under the stars. What’s better than a party? A romantic party you can sing along … Read more

Brantley Gilbert’s “One Hell Of An Amen”

Brantley Gilbert‘s latest single is one of those that tugs at all of your available heart strings. A soldier who died for his country, a cancer patient who’s fought the good fight– it’s all in his latest single. Preacher said he died too young Over there totin’ that gun For Uncle Sam and our freedom … Read more

Album Review: Florida Georgia Line Toe The Line for Hip-Hop Country on ‘Anything Goes’

Florida Georgia Line are already known for their down-home charm, stunning good looks and catchy melodic hooks. Hot off the heels of such crossover success as “Cruise” (driven by a remix with rapper Nelly) and their most recent nostalgic element “Dirt,” their new album pushes the envelope even further into hip-hop-country territory. Brian Kelley and … Read more

Florida Georgia Line Threw a Big Party

Florida Georgia Line‘s video for “Sun Daze” starts off like any great video– with an “Office Space” spoof. From there, it couldn’t be less office-y. T. Hubb and B.K. host one heck of a party, full of party-goers in creepy masks, full-on bunny and gorilla costumes, and about 200 other people. The boys are wearing … Read more

Florida Georgia Line Red Carpet Looks

Technically, Florida Georgia Line is still pretty new to this whole country music scene, but you wouldn’t know it by their red carpet looks. Either this is a “before” picture, or someone’s mama got her way. I can hear her now, “Y’all, it’s national television! Cover up them tattoos!” They both just look so very … Read more

Florida Georgia Line: Sun Daze Lyrics (and Lyric Video)

One thing is for sure, no one will ever accuse Florida Georgia Line of not having a good time. Even their new lyric video for “Sun Daze” is a rip-roaring good time with some hip, Haggard and Jagger. “Sun Daze” is the off the recently released second album from the duo, Anything Goes. The highly … Read more

4 Things We Know About Brantley Gilbert’s Engagement

Brantley Gilbert, country music’s romantic bad boy is engaged to the “one who got away,” he told Bobby Bones. “She was the one who got away for about five years, then kind of came back around, and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. She’s the one.” He also went on to say he’s … Read more

Chase Rice Sings Nelly

In 2005, Tim McGraw got together with Nelly for the hit, “Over and Over” again. It was weirdly wonderful. Then, a couple of years ago Nelly teamed up with Florida Georgia Line for the (now) legendary “Cruise (Remix).” Nelly is country music these days. Chase Rice agrees. So much so, he’s covering Nelly at his … Read more