Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” Duet with Brooke Simpson During “The Voice” Finale Was Almost Unfair

To be totally transparent, I’m not totally sure how coaches pick team or duet performances on “The Voice.” The songs have to be cleared in advance for payment and obviously, no one is going to sing “Space Jam” or anything, but after that– they seem to try and really choose songs that are going to … Read more

Brooke Simpson’s “Amazing Grace” is What Everyone Needs to Hear Right Now

There are a few songs in this world, that no matter your age, range or vocal prowess will always be hard to perform. The National Anthem and “Amazing Grace,” definitely being on the list. For her Top 10 performance during “The Voice,” coach Miley Cyrus tasked Brooke Simpson with singing the incomparable, “Amazing Grace.” Before … Read more