Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Brother Don Reed Dies From Coronavirus

Elizabeth Warren brother Don Reed passed away coronavirus

The news continues to roll in regarding the tragedies resulting from the coronavirus. Former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s brother, Don Reed (86), has passed away due to complications from the coronavirus. Warren shared the news on Instagram, paying tribute to her oldest brother. “My oldest brother, Don Reed, died from coronavirus on Tuesday evening, she … Read more

‘Bachelorette’ Star Hannah Brown’s Brother Recovers From Overdose

Hannah Brown brother patrick recovers from overdose

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown’s younger brother, Patrick, is sharing his story after an overdose earlier this month. In a post on Instagram, Patrick posted a black and white photo of himself looking out over the water with a caption that revealed his overdose. While they younger Brown debated on sharing his story, he did so … Read more

Tucker Beathard Shares Song Written For His Late Brother, Clay

Following the untimely passing of his younger brother, rising country artist Tucker Beathard is sharing the song he penned for Clay for his high school graduation. Tucker posted the song, appropriately titled “Brother” on his socials accompanied by a music video created from home movies through the year. He also wrote a message for listeners … Read more

“Sex and the City” Star Chris Noth is Expecting Second Child With Wife Tara Wilson

Chris Noth and wife Tara Wilson expecting baby No. 2 second child

Mr. Big is expecting a baby. Well, actually it’s Mr. Big’s alter ego, actor Chris Noth (64) and his wife Tara Wilson who are expecting the baby. The actor posted the news on Instagram alongside a photo of Tara holding her growing belly. “Orion is getting a brother- I better get my ass in shape.” … Read more

Olympian Simone Biles Speaks Out for the First Time About Brother’s Triple-Murder Charge

Simone Biles talks about brother murder arrest

Olympian Simone Biles is going through the unthinkable at the moment as she emotionally deals with her brother’s recent triple-homicide arrest. [RELATED: Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles’ Brother Tevin Biles-Thomas Arrested for Triple Murder] “My heart aches for everyone involved, especially for the victims and their families,” the famous gymnast wrote on her Twitter page just days … Read more

‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Opens Up About Brother’s Death in Dominican Republic

Barbara Corcoran brother died in Domincan Republic

As news continues to swirl about the increasing number of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic as of late, Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran wants to make one thing very clear. Her brother John Corcoran died of natural causes. [RELATED: Cougar Barbara Corcoran is the First to be Eliminated During “Dancing With the Stars”] “It’s made … Read more

Ashley McBryde’s Brother Clay McBryde Passes Away

Ashley McBryde pr photo

Condolences are going out to country singer Ashley McBryde. The 34-year-old and her family are dealing with the tragic loss of her 53-year-old brother Clay McBryde.  The obituary for William Clayton McBryde Jr. reveals that Ashley’s brother, a Russellville, Ark., resident, died Wednesday, June 20, at his home. The father of one is survived by his … Read more

Brett Eldredge Wrote a Song for His Brother (And It Made Him Cry) (His Mom Too)

Brett Eldredge‘s new, self-titled album includes one very special song that he wrote for his older brother Brice.

“I’m very close to my brother, we lived together for many years — six or seven years — we’re really close,” Brett told One Country and other media outlets during a recent interview. “He moved here two years after I moved here. We’re really tight but we play it tough.
You don’t always tell your brother when you’re going through something but you almost always know.”

“I remember when my bother was going through a time, I was on a trip and I bought an old new guitar — new for me — and I started saying what I would say to him as if we were having a conversation,” he continued. “I was still playing it tough, like I’m not going to talk to him about it .. I opened it with ‘Brother, I think it’s time we talked, why do guys like us spend most of our lives playing it tough?”

The chorus is enough to wreck, make you call your own sibling and maybe your friends’ siblings, too:

When we played ball out in the yard
We raced our bikes, we wrecked our cars
Stayed out late in midnight bars, whoa
We got drunk, got into fights
Fell for the same girl once or twice
Somehow made it out alive
But in the end always there for each other

Brett doesn’t buy the old standard that men are supposed to keep their emotions to themselves.

“It’s OK to tell your friend or brother that you love them, that you care about them, that you’re always there for them,” Brett said. “It didn’t have to be just about your brother, it can be about your best friend too.”

As for Brice? He tried to play it tough.

“I emailed it to him because I get really uncomfortable being around him, playing it for him,” Brett admitted. “I actually heard from a buddy that he got really emotional from it, because he didn’t tell me at first.”

It’s OK, Brice, I cried too.