Bruno Mars’ Phenomenal Tribute to Prince During the GRAMMYs Was INSANE

Growing up in Hawaii, Bruno Mars was a mini Elvis Presley impersonator. From the time he was young it was obvious he was incredibly talented. Over the last few years that talent has been on full-display during the Super Bowl halftime show and any other stage he steps on. And during the 59th Annual GRAMMY … Read more

This Year’s 24 Best Celebrity New Year’s Eve Moments

Before, during and after the New Year, social media is bombarded by pictures of happy families, kissing couples, champagne cocktails and people wearing those “20whatever” hats — I mean, it’s kind of overwhelming. Honestly, though I love my friends and family, the only pictures that really spark my interest are the ones of celebrities celebrating … Read more

Duo Covers 2016’s Biggest Pop Hits in Under Four Minutes and It’s Awesome

Married duo and mashup masters Michael and Carissa Alvarado have perfectly captured 2016’s 17 biggest pop hits in a mere three and a half minutes. The talented singers, who became famous for their six-second covers on Vine, have most recently been creating music as the duo, Us the Duo. But, they took a little break … Read more

Miley and Noah Cyrus Give Impromptu Performance of Bruno Mars’ “24k Magic”

Being the talented sisters they are, it’s no surprise that Miley and Noah Cyrus have full-out jam sessions when they’re in the car. Recently, the duo was driving down the road jamming out to Bruno Mars’ latest smash hit “24k Magic.” While they obviously sounded awesome together, the most impressive part was that Noah literally … Read more

This Country Cover of Bruno Mars’ “24k Magic” Is Either Really Good or Really Bad (We Can’t Decide)

If you haven’t heard Bruno Mars‘ latest hit “24k Magic” — how? Since its release in mid November, the track has been played non-stop on the radio, performed multiple times by Bruno on TV and constantly stuck in my head, which I honestly don’t really mind. Well, in celebration of the song’s success (or maybe … Read more

Bruno Mars’ Carpool Karaoke Was the Most Fun I’ve Ever Had Watching People Ride in a Car

Can I preach? Can I preach? #Blessed Bruno Mars may be a dangerous man with some money in his pocket, but he’s also the most fun. After jamming out to “24K Magic,” James Corden noted that Bruno is always in a good mood and he thinks it’s probably because Bruno is always wearing silk. Bruno … Read more

7 Kind of Weird Things That Happened During the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Somehow, I got myself wrapped in a world that has found me in front of my TV every December watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Typically, there’s great music and I like to try to pick out all of Taylor Swift’s friends, but this year– things got a little weird here and there. 7 Kind … Read more

Garth Brooks Told Us Who Sings Along With While Driving and It’s Not Trisha Yearwood

Unless you don’t own a radio, you’ve probably harmonized with Celine Dion or Adele once or twice in your car. This is something even the living legend Garth Brooks is guilty of, but when he’s driving around the artists he tries to keep up with kind of surprised us– Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. While … Read more

10 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Bruno Mars

Pop sensation Bruno Mars is best known for hit songs like “Locked Out of Heaven,” “Billionaire,” “Grenade” and, most recently, “Uptown Funk” (which he co-wrote with Mark Ronson), but did you know that the 30-year-old singing, performing and writing talent has had a hand in penning many other artists’ biggest pop hits? From collaborations with … Read more

16 Band Name Origins

Naming the band. It’s one of the most important steps every band has to take, and unfortunately, it’s also one of the first. Some artists have great stories of how they found the name that perfectly suits them. Others have chosen names that have great personal meaning to them. Still others just saw a sign … Read more

11 Best Instagram Photos from the GRAMMY Awards

Thanks to social media and Instagram, fans can feel like they were actually at the GRAMMYs with their favorite artists. And this was quite the year to be at the show– Taylor Swift dropped a glitter bomb, Bruno Mars was giving away flasks and Adele was there. 11 Best Instagram Photos from the GRAMMY Awards: … Read more

Listen To The 58th Annual GRAMMY-Nominated Record Of The Year Songs

The GRAMMYs  are upon us and if you haven’t gotten around to listening to all of the Record Of The Year nominated songs, we have them right here in one place for you. Now, you can make an educated prediction on who you think will take home the coveted award. 58th Annual GRAMMY-Nominated Record Of … Read more