10 Insane Experiences for Every Adrenaline Junkie’s Bucket List

You’ll need nerves of steel and lots of money, but if you’re an adrenaline junkie with both – we’ve got the perfect bucket list for you! 10 INSANE EXPERIENCES FOR EVERY ADRENALINE JUNKIE’S BUCKET LIST: 1. Volcano Boarding // Cerro Negro, Nicaragua The most popular place for volcano boarding is on the slope of Cerro … Read more

7 Must-See Wild West Ghost Towns in the USA

The term “ghost town” has an ominous tone, but most of the ghost towns in the United States used to be mining towns that boomed quickly then died out when the mines dried up and the townspeople left in search of better luck elsewhere.The dilapidated buildings and ruins of these towns serve as a living … Read more

Tanzania’s Underwater Hotel Belongs On Your Bucket List

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14 Best BBQ Joints in the South

There’s nothing better than a hole-in-the-wall Southern BBQ joint. 14 Best BBQ Joints in the South: 14. The Joint: New Orleans, LA New Orleans isn’t exactly known for BBQ, but in 2004, The Joint started to change that. Try the pork ribs, which are coated in a Cajun rub that gives them a spicy, blackened … Read more

5 Things To Do When You’re An Adult and Don’t Get a Spring Break

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6 Super Heartwarming Things on Luke Bryan’s Bucket List

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