Lemon Cream Cake Is Every Dessert Lover’s Dream

Lemon is a fantastic summer flavor. Light, tangy, and with just the right amount of zest, it’s hard to find a dessert that lemons don’t go well in. When you combine it with cream, the resulting dessert is absolutely decadent. This lemon cream cake is no different. The recipe is pretty simple, so it’ll be … Read more

This Angry YouTuber Attempts To Make Mirror Cake, And It Doesn’t Exactly Go As Planned

Hopefully you’ve seen those beautiful mirror cakes floating around the internet. They’re gorgeous, cute, and apparently nearly impossible to make. This YouTuber doesn’t let that stop her, though. She plows through attempt after attempt of making this mirror cake, documenting her many failures with a slew of sarcasm and profanity. Her end product doesn’t look … Read more

Cream Cake Is The Most Delicious Thing You’ve Tried In A Long Time

We all have a soft spot for desserts. Diets dissolve, resolutions are revoked, and cravings left uncontrolled. But that’s okay, because this cream cake is incredible and no one should ever go without it. Ever. We’re not joking. The next time the urge to have a delicious cake strikes you, don’t fight it; make this … Read more

Bunny Cake Recipe That is Perfect for Easter Sunday

I don’t know about you, but when I see a cake this cute, my first thought is, “Wow, that must’ve taken decades,” and more times than not, it did. But, with this incredibly easy and perfectly adorable bunny cake recipe, you can make a professional-looking Easter cake that doesn’t require a highly trained cake baker … Read more