10 Watercolor Cakes So Perfect We Almost Can’t Eat Them

Watercolor cakes are becoming pretty popular, likely because they simply look incredible. Whether you love sweets or not, they’re hard to resist when the presentation is this good. Watercolor cakes might not replace mirror cakes as the coolest dessert out there, but they’re certainly a close second. Check out some of our favorites. 1. Who … Read more

Rainbow Watercolor Cake Is Our New Favorite Way To Eat Dessert

Mirror cakes are fantastic, but have you seen these beauties? These watercolor cakes are apparently all the rage, with swirls of colors decorating all sides of the cake, leading to an artsy watercolor effect. This is another one of those cakes that’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost. View this post on Instagram Blue watercolour … Read more

How To Actually Make One Of Those Insane Mirror Glaze Cakes

Mirror glaze cakes. Love them or hate them, there’s something mesmerizing about a topping that’s so shiny it reflects light and images back at the viewer. But for every gorgeous mirror glazed cake out there, the world made hundreds of fail versions of the real thing. So how do you actually make one of those … Read more