Five Motivational Country Songs Whose Lyrics Will Inspire You

There’s something about country music that connects with the soul and takes the listener to a better place. Even if the tone is sad, the meaning behind the lyrics adds depth and intensity to the song. Especially composed for situations that most people go through at some point in their life, here is a quick look … Read more

Carrie Underwood: Leg Workout

A few weeks ago, we released an official statement exclaiming, “Carrie Underwood has better legs than a giraffe.” This is a statement I will continue to stand by as long as there are giraffes and Carrie Underwood. For years, I’ve been saying, if I just knew her leg routine…Well, the day has come. In a … Read more

Rags to Riches: 4 Inspiring Country Music Cinderella Stories

Although there are plenty of romantic and sunny-day songs in the country genre, some artists have lived through truly inspiring experiences of struggle and difficulties. Luckily for us, these artists have chosen to share their inspiring Cinderella stories in their songs, allowing us to really learn more about their experiences through their music. While not … Read more

If John Travolta Hosted the ACM Awards

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of days, you may not of heard about John Travolta’s tragic mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name before her performance during the Oscars on Sunday night (see video below). This got us thinking, what if Travolta hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards and mispronounced … Read more

Country Music Stars and Their Top Dogs

Have you ever seen one of those magazine articles exclaiming, “Stars! They’re Just Like Us!” and thought, no, they are not. Mostly true, but when it comes to stars and their pets, yes, they are just like us. However, they may name their dogs after more country music legends than we do! Check out some of … Read more

Country Stars: Lovely Tresses and Hot Messes of Hair

The manes of celebrities are almost as famous as the stars themselves. In 2013 when Beyonce cut her long locks into a shoulder length bob, the Twitterverse went into overdrive. Jennifer Aniston’s hair is so famous it should have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kelly Osbourne’s violet colored tresses add to … Read more

Polar Vortex: Country Music Songs About Snow

It’s cold outside. Like, cold. Typically, country music songs are about beer or the lake or maybe even fried chicken. It’s hard to find songs about snow, but relax: there are a few artists out there who feel your polar vortex pain. Bundle up. Zac Brown Band // Colder Weather Carrie Underwood // Jesus, Take … Read more

Nashville’s Most-Loved Female Role Models

When people think of country music stars, they often think of cowboys – and a male-dominated or slightly sexist industry. However, today, there are many female country artists who are leading the way as the face of the industry, not only delivering fantastic music, but also serving as outstanding role models for young women. Check … Read more

Celebrity-Approved Boot Styles Just for YOU

Country music stars don’t only produce great music, they can also be style icons. So, if you’re looking for boot suggestions, there’s no need to look beyond the feet of your favorite singers. Below are three boot styles that are perfect for any wardrobe and the country music stars who love them. Knee-High Boots Whether … Read more