All-New “Cats” Movie Trailer is Giving People Nightmares [WATCH]

Much has been said in anticipation of the new movie Cats, the movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway classic. But it’s safe to say that no one was expecting the reaction the trailer for the upcoming movie got on Thursday (July 18.) Shortly after the slightly spooky trailer for the new movie came out, … Read more

Jennifer Hudson Gives Epic Performance of “Memory” From Cats [Listen]

Jennifer Hudson performs Memory from Cats

We all know Jennifer Hudson could sing the phonebook and it would be mesmerizing. But put her on a stage to sing the song “Memory” from Cats and all bets are off. As Universal closed out their presentation at the CinemaCon conference in Las Vegas, they had a big surprise in store for the audience. Jennifer, … Read more

Taylor Swift’s Cat Meredith is Really Unimpressed with Her Opening Slot at AMA Awards

Taylor Swift cat meredith

Taylor Swift made the announcement Tuesday morning (Oct. 2) on “Good Morning America” that she will be opening the American Music Awards with a performance of “I Did Something Bad.” “Good morning, America, it’s Taylor,” she said in the video clip. “I just wanted to say I’m going to be opening up the American Music … Read more

Taylor Swift, James Corden and Jennifer Hudson to Star in “Cats” Adaptation

In what might be some of the more bizarre news we’ve heard in a while, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden are all teaming up for a very meow-y project. According to Screen Daily, Swift, Hudson and Corden are set to star in the “Cats” film, directed by Tom Hooper, who directed “The Kings Speech.” Considering James … Read more

Well Trained Cats Steal the Show on “America’s Got Talent” Premiere

Savitsky Cats on America's got talent

In this world, there is a deep divide between cat people and dog people. However, when season 13 of  “America’s Got Talent” premiered Tuesday night, they kicked off with a cat act that would win over the most ardent dog person. The Savitsky Cats, a group of well-trained cats, were led by mother-daughter team from … Read more

Hold On To Your Butts: Taylor Swift is Riding Her Giant Cat Turned Unicorn Through an Enchanted Forest in This New Commercial

Honestly, I don’t understand the backlash over every single thing Taylor Swift does. For me, it seems like every odd thing she does (cancels her July 4th party), she makes up for it by making fun of herself or something. Most recently, she filmed a new commercial for DirectTV while riding a giant unicorn version … Read more

Kristen Bell’s Insane Story About a Raccoon and 5 Stray Cats Could Be a Lifetime Movie

If you aren’t up-to-date on Kristen Bell’s animal drama, here’s a briefer: not too long ago, Kristen and husband Dax Shepard partially adopted six kittens. Originally, they were not going to keep the cats (that just showed up in their yard), but their daughters named them and that was the end of the story. After … Read more

You Have to Watch This Video of Kristen Bell Yelling at a Raccoon in Her Backyard

If you don’t follow Kristen Bell on Instagram, you probably aren’t aware of the fact that she recently welcomed six new kittens into her yard. Her yard– definitely not her home. Basically, she looked out her window one day and she was like, “oh, do I have do something? These clearly aren’t anyone’s cats. Are … Read more

7 Questions Taylor Swift Asked Her Cat, That, In Turn, Made Us Ask Some Questions (Like, Is The Cat Okay?)

Thank goodness the Taylor Swift media blackout is over. And now that she’s back, her cats Olivia and Meredith are back, too. Old Taylor recently shot a series of commercials for AT&T and upon releasing some outtakes from the day, we not only learned that Old Taylor is alive, but that she’s sticking the cat … Read more

An Alabama Fisherman Rescued Two Abandoned Kittens That Swam Out To His Boat

Cats don’t like water. It is one of those basic laws of the animal kingdom: mice like cheese, cows say “moo”, etc. You would never expect a cat to swim. But when Jason Frost and his friend Brandon were fishing on the Warrior River in Alabama, that’s exactly what they found. “You are not going … Read more

Lee Ann Womack Tried, In Vain, To Take a Picture with a Cat and We Can’t Stop Laughing at the Attempts

Lee Ann Womack is much funnier than people know. Well, you probably know if you follow her on Twitter. If she’s not tweeting about music, she usually offers up really valuable advice like this: The other day might’ve been Womack’s best day on the Internet. She tried, in vain, to take a picture with a … Read more