Charlie Daniels Jr. Recounts the Final Hours of his Father’s Life

Charlie Daniels Jr talks about Father Charlie Daniels death

When news broke on July 6 that the iconic Charlie Daniels had died, the country music community was shaken to its core. The 83-year-old was relatively healthy, enjoying snowmobiling in Colorado in the winter, maintaining a rigorous tour schedule through summer and fall, and was looking forward to his upcoming Volunteer Jam. His son, Charlie … Read more

First Watch: Urban Cowboy

Hey folks, we’re back with another edition of First Watch. I watched “Urban Cowboy,” and I have some opinions about it. I watched this on Netflix, because they apparently have every movie ever. “Urban Cowboy” was released in 1980, 8 years before I was born. I didn’t know much about it, only that the lead … Read more

MORE Exciting News From CMA Fest!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, CMA Fest announced that the Ultimate Country Music Fan Experience just got a lot bigger with 5 more stages and 137 more artists added to the lineup! New stages include the Bud Light Stage at Bridgestone Arena Plaza, the Samsung Galaxy Stage at Walk of Fame Park, the Chevrolet Roadhouse … Read more

Five Songs That Will Turn Anyone Into a Country Music Fan

Taste is subjective they say; one person’s trash is another’s treasure and so on. But anyone who hasn’t jumped aboard the country music love train is clearly missing out on some of the best tunes ever strummed and lyrics ever penned. For those of you who remain unconvinced, or, more likely, those of you with friends who remain unconvinced of … Read more